Winter Blues and How to Conquer Them

Written by Team Je'Suis on Monday, 29 June 2015. Posted in Salon News

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Staying fit and avoiding those #winterblues
Being cold can be simply miserable at times and getting out of a warm bed to a dark bedroom can be almost impossible (we know).
BUT we can’t let this weather get us down, we are living in Melbourne after all, we don’t exactly love our city for its temperate climate do we?
Luckily the winter solstice was this Saturday - so the days are only going to get longer and warmer (YAY). There are still quite a few chilly weeks until that happens though, so here are a few tips to keep away those winter blues:

Ramp up the exercise:
You will be surprised at just how quickly you can warm up (and stay warm) after raising your heart rate for just 20mins. Trust your body to do what it needs to do to keep you warm and brave the cold to exercise.
Tip: Use a thin cotton scarf over your nose and mouth if you are riding a bike. Not only will it keep your nose toasty warm, it will protect your face from windburn!

Try something new:
There is no excuse to avoid exercise because of the cold. In fact, why not try Bikram Yoga and kill two birds with one stone! Take a sequence of 26 therapeutic yoga postures, one large room heated to a balmy 37-40 degrees and you have Bikram's hot yoga – a popular way to beat the chill this winter says Tessa Rottiers, Founder and instructor of Bikram Yoga Melbourne.
Tip: Bikram will not only keep you warm, it will help keep you flu free.
"Studies show the raised temperature in the room and the sequence of poses can assist in stimulating the thymus gland which improves T-cell function and the proper functioning of your immune system," says Tessa.

Dress warm and feel good:
Thermals! Look, we know they sound daggy, but you can get some plain ones from any good camping store like Kathmandu or even stores like UNIQLO.
Tip: A V-neck thermal top will hide under a multitude of outfits. Plain black thermal leggings look like normal thick tights.
Felt hats are a beautiful way to keep warm and stylish over the winter, and just because the UV is low, doesn’t mean you should forget about wearing a hat all together.

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For beautiful and unique winter accessories try Scally and Trombone on Gertrude Street -
Tip: If your felt hat gets misshapen, boil a kettle, maintain the steam so it escapes the spout steadily, position the warped area over the steam (mind your hands!) until the fabric is evenly saturated. Reshape the area with your fingers, and then allow it to cool.

Other reasons winter is awesome:
Marshmallows toasting on an open fire,
mandarins are in season,
water comes pre-chilled straight from the tap,
it doesn’t matter if you leave the milk out,
and of course, big warm winter cuddles!

Tell us why winter is awesome on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #winterisawesome to go in the draw to win our Product of the Week: Senscience Renew Serum. Alternatively, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Stay warm, but remember #winterisawesome!

Team Je'Suis, xo


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